This section is "very unfinished"

Welcome to my site! I made it for no specific reason, i just like the show lol.
I don't know much about coding, so don't expect too much out of this site yet!
I don't have much to put here, so here are some info bits about me!

Update Jun 6 2022

I updated the site! I kinda forgot to do it for 2 weeks, or maybe i'm just lazy.... hmm.... Well, either way, it's summer!! But i have to do summer school for speech class :''''''( My school makes us take it in 9th grade for some reason. Bakas! Well, whatever, i need to get better at talking in RL so i can make my epic high school (my district uses 6-3-3 system like japan!) debut!!! I will become the most EPIC, the most COOL person around!!!! Or so I hope, but everybody already has friendsss /-\ next thing i plan to updat on the site is the audio, it's all in flac right now, since that how i had it on my computer, but i plan to convert it to mp3 to make them load faster, and add something that says the name of the song. I also want to make the website look better, but i should probably add actual content first. Anyways, this 'update' is seeming like a blog. Maybe thats what this page will beocme, a blog. sounds good, i like it. expect updates every 2 years d-(0v0) jk, jk.. hopefulkly.. And also, i'll set the page to stop showing as nonexistent, since i'm actually updating it. Back to the highschool debut thing, i've thought of a (probably really bad) idea. What if, if any of the teachers ask us to 'introduce ourselves', i just say the class intro haruhi said. While it may turn away the normies, i don't need them anyways! Perhaps it will attract some fellow otaku to me..... hehehehehehhe. Then, once someone talks to me, i can make an 3d SOS brigade, it can be like an anime club but better named! our activities will consist of sexually harssing female members, just like the real SOS brigade!! but maybe i don't want to be arrrested.... well, it doesn't matter now, anywyas, because august i far away! i must focus on the present! i thinmk i'm going to try and learn japanese this summer.

Append, Jun 7: I decided i cont care i'm going to try and make the site look good before i add contect cause ittl be easier if i kno how ittll look.... or maybe thats just an exuse OvO)/

Update Jun 26 2022

So... I kinda abandoned the site, didn't i.... I should probably fix the CSS... My plan to become epic and cool is not working >.<!! I haven't even started learning japanese yet, either... I am in despair! the fact that noting has changed in 20 days has left me in despair! But, i musn't give up yet. I may have wasted a third of my natsuyasumi, but 2/3 remain! i musn't akirameru. i must... akirame... nai? What i really should be doing is studing nihongo.